Zach Leach

Give a hearty St James welcome to our newest pirate scholar, Zach Leach.  Zach hails from Red Springs, NC, and chose to come to ECU as a music-performance major (2018) at the “best music school in the state!”  Zach is a baritone who also plays piano and bass guitar and is interested in music because of the effect that it has on people’s everyday life.  In high school,  Zach played percussion in the school band, sang in the chorus, and played football, basketball, and baseball!  Talk about well-rounded!  His ultimate goal , however, is to conduct one of the best programs in the world at a university.   Zach’s favorite piece of music is The Heaven’s Flock by Eriks Esenvalds.

Zach enjoys his studies at ECU, but is very close to the community and family back home.  He has two older siblings, a brother and a sister, but he is the sole musician in his family.   We at St James will be honored to adopt you as new family while you are here!  Welcome- we look forward to your time with us!