UMW is the group of women in each congregation organized for mission. Each local and district unit relates directly to district and conference organizations of UMW and to the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries.


UMW Collection Items

The UMW is very appreciative of the soup labels collected the past few years, but as of right now we will no longer be collecting them. We will continue to collect the BOX TOPS for EDUCATION for the local schools, as well as eye glasses for the Lions Club. These items may be left in the Parlor.
If you give the box tops directly to a school, please submit the number so we can include yours on our Annual Report. Contact Judy Gray at 756-0907 for information.

Why Join UMW



Women join United Methodist Women to grow spiritually, educationally and intellectually; to be stimulated; to gain leadership experience; to meet other women; and to be involved in mission in a number of ways.  Some examples are:


  • Spiritual growth studies and renewal
  • Mission education
  • Biblical and theological study
  • Women in Crisis programs
  • Child advocacy
  • Giving on behalf of persons in mission
  • Legislative affairs
  • Human rights issues
  • Combating racism
  • Reading Program

Why Become a Member of UMW?


Circle Meeting Schedule
Circle               Meeting Time/Location                Circle Leader/Contact
Circle #1       1st Monday of every month           Jan Lamson  252-717-4404
                   12:00 noon in Fellowship Hall
Circle #2      1st Tuesday of every month             Betty Fuqua 252-830-0894
                   12:00 noon in Fellowship Hall    
                   (bring your own sandwich)
Circle #3      1st Sunday of every month              Sarah Alexander  919-619-6232
                   6:00 pm at the Retreat House       Sarah Midgett  252-412-3182
Circle #4      1st Monday of every month             Linda McLane  252-355-6538
                   7:00 pm in the Parlor
Circle #5      1st Tuesday of every month               June Parker  252-341-9395
                   9:45 am in the Parlor                    Gloria Manning  252-758-2214