TGIW 2020 for Children and Youth: Devotions for the Entire Family

This fall for TGIW, children’s and youth ministry will offer family devotions based on The Beatitudes found in the Gospel of Matthew.  Participants will have a chance to learn about Jesus’ vision of God’s kingdom for all people, how Jesus turned expectations and traditional beliefs about being blessed upside down, and how to live into the promises of Jesus’ Beatitudes.

Here is how it will work.

Watch our Wednesday night worship service together as a family.  The service will launch your family into reflection questions and an activity for you to do together.  

The worship service will be live at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays beginning August 26, but the video will remain available beyond that night.  We encourage you to pick the night and time that works best for your family.  

Please register your family for these devotions through Realm so we can send you the reflection questions and activities prior to each service.

For more information, contact Laura or Daewon Goldenbaum-Yang at