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TGIW Returns with New Spring Classes

A Vision for 2020
In the midst of Christmas preparation and anticipation, why look beyond to 2020?
Well, the New Year will dawn in less than three weeks, about the time we are pulling our tree out of the house and storing decorations, even though the church calendar tells us it is still the Christmas season. St. James UMC is preparing an array of opportunities that will help us grow in faith and deepen our relationship with Our Lord, Jesus.
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Look for “Unto Me”: Spring Guide to Service, Ministries, and Programs at St. James UMC. The guide focuses on three major areas of service that impact our brothers and sisters beyond the campus of St. James:
  • The St. James Food Pantry
  • Rebuilding Ocracoke monthly missions
  • Rise Against Hunger food packing event on April 5
We also present information about ways to serve here at St. James. And, as usual, the guide will describe our ministries of formation that provide learning opportunities:
  • TGIW classes begin on Wednesday, January 8—The guide will list the schedule of new studies and describe each class
  • Sunday School classes will kick off the New Year on January 5 and January 12—The adult ministries team has a “Vision for 2020” to encourage folks to join Sunday School classes by holding class socials on January 5 and launching new studies in classes on January 12.
  • New small groups—The formation of several new small groups offer yet another way to grow spiritually. More details will be available in the guide.
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Adult TGIW Classes  (Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.)
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Christ in Culture: Movies, Music, and Theology
This class will explore current and past cultural trends that shape the way we speak about God.  Each week will feature a movie or some form of popular entertainment.  During the class sessions we will explore the theological themes inherent in the movie/music for the week. Each week, on your own time, you will be asked to view a movie/song or some other culture entertainment venue.  The class session will be spent in discussion together.  If you watch Netflix, Amazon,  Prime, Hulu, Disney+ or YouTube this is a class for you.  If not, still take the class.
Led by Mark Woods.
Companions in Christ: The Way of Prayer
Prayer is conversation with God.  Through prayer, we enter into the heart of God and allow God to enter more fully into our hearts.  If you desire to deepen your relationship with God, this group can open the way.  During our ten weeks together we will explore different methods of prayer and explore different images of God.
Led by Joyce Day.
Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World
From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reveals a God whose creative power and loving care embrace all that exists.  Yet the significance of the Bible’s extensive teaching about the natural world is easily overlooked.  Creation Care invites participants to open their Bibles afresh to explore the place of the natural world within God’s purposes and to celebrate God’s love as displayed in creation.
Led by Deb Culbertson and Tom Pohlman.
Hymn Studies
Hymn Studies will take a look at traditional Methodist hymns, uncovering stories and scriptural background.  In cooperation with the Worship Planning group, we will look at hymns scheduled for upcoming services to add depth to your worship experience.  (Singing is encouraged but not required.)
Led by ‘Lizabeth Collins.
Ora et Labora
There is a rule of faith that states, “as we pray, so we believe, as we believe, so we live.” You are invited to participate in an eleven-week group that will be submitting to the guidance of Scripture in prayer and to the guidance of prayer in living.  It is based upon the practice of lectio divina.  It will move beyond an intellectual meditation upon scripture to become an intentional practice of “ora et labora” (prayer and work).
Ora/prayer – Participants will seek to let the Scriptures guide them in forming specific prayers.
Labora/work – Participants will seek specific ways to shape their lives according to what they are praying.
Community – Participants will be doing this in sacred community where they will encourage each other.
Led by Rev. Dennis Adams.
Searching the Bible Through Photography
Do you enjoy studying scripture?  Do you have a DSLR camera and are ready to say goodbye to relying on AUTO-MODE?  Then this class is for you!  During our 7-week journey, you will learn photography skills to enhance your photos and search for the meaning of scriptures through your own photography.  Requirements: DSLR Camera
Led by Sandra Harvey.
In this class, we invite you to study the book Trustworthy by Lysa TerKeurst.  When hard times come and it seems God is deviating from the plan we assume our life should follow, this 7-week study explores the deeply applicable Scriptures contained in 1 and 2 Kings.
Led by Phyllis House.
Wednesday Women: A Study on the Life of Joseph
No doubt there have been, or will be, times in your life when your circumstances lead you to wonder if God is there, if He cares, or if things are slipping out of His control. Surely similar thoughts ran through the mind of Joseph as he suffered through betrayal, false accusations, and imprisonment.  But throughout the story of the Old Testament Joseph, we are constantly reminded of God’s faithfulness.  No matter what we walk through, God’s presence is constant; His provision is enough; and His purposes are unstoppable.
Join this study of Kelly Minter’s Finding God Faithful.  Class sessions include a video, discussion, and a workbook.
Led by Edie Snider and Nancy Bettis.
Worshiping Well
This group will explore the definitions and purpose of worship.  We will look at the history and styles of worship.  We will examine the sacraments of Baptism and Communion, and discuss Word and proclamation.  We will attempt to answer the questions of the roles of music and creeds in worship.  We will examine how we pray during worship.
Led by Rev. Ben Alexander
The Write Stuff
This is a writing workshop with the focus on your journey.  The main thing each individual will do is write and each may share what they have written if they choose to.  The main purpose is to explore this simple question: how does writing bring me closer to God?  We will not do a literary critique of each other’s work, but rather focus on how the writing helps us on our individual journeys.
Led by Harvey Estes.
Other Adult Classes during the Week
GriefShare – Monday Evenings
Losing a loved one to death takes a toll on us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  This group will help you get through this difficult time guiding you from mourning back to joy in Christ.  You can join GriefShare at any time and come for as many or as few sessions as you want.
The cost of the series is $15.00.  Scholarships are available; please email Joyce Day at joyce@stjconnect.org. 
If childcare is needed, it must be requested two weeks prior to the need.
January 27-April 20, 7-9 p.m., Retreat House
Led by Dane Sergeant, Janet Berry, and Jennifer Corbett.
Thy Kingdom Come: Lectio Divina with the Gospel of John – Wednesdays at Noon
Join Marianne Leventry for this 37-week encounter as we let go and use all of our senses to see, smell, taste, hear, and feel some of what Jesus experienced using the Gospel of John.  Lectio Divina (sacred reading) is a deep way to slowly read, pray the scriptures and enrich our relationship with Jesus Christ. The class began September 4, 2019, will resume January 8 and run through June 2020.  Folks are welcome to join!  The group meets from noon to 1:00 p.m. in the Conference Room.
Led by Marianne Leventry.
Truth Seekers – Fridays at 10:00 a.m.
Do you know the real story behind the New Testament?  Join us as we go behind the scenes with Christian scholars N.T. Wright and Michael Bird for this 9-week video Bible study of  The New Testament You Never Knew.  Friday mornings, 10-11:30 a.m., Room 23
Led by Lynne Garrison.