Salvation Army Bell Ringing

St. James United Methodist Church has established a Christmas tradition of serving the Greenville community by ringing many of the Salvation Army Christmas bells on one day during the Christmas season. The donations received allow the Salvation Army to meet the needs of many people who are less fortunate in our community. The participation of St. James saves the Salvation Army from having to pay people to ring the bells.
This year members of St. James will ring the bells on Monday, December 23, at 22 different locations around Greenville. We have slots for volunteers to ring during two-hour periods, beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m. Last year, more than 225 members of St. James participated in this wonderful custom as part of our mission of serving others in the name of Our Lord Jesus.
This ministry has become a Christmas favorite for many. It not only allows us to provide a valuable service to our community, but it also adds a special meaning and reminder that the true meaning of Christmas is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.
Register for your time slot by clicking the Sign Up button below:
Thank you St. James!  All of the slots have been filled up.  If you would like to join someone already ringing, please contact Mac Manning (252-341-0001) or Tom Pauling (252-752-5129 or 252-375-2267) for where it is needed most.