New Study on Sundays

Journey through Adam Hamilton’s best-selling book, 24 Hours that Changed the World, with the Faith Followers Sunday School class! Together, we will relive the one day in history that changed everything. Hamilton helps his readers experience and understand the significance of Jesus’ final hours. The study begins on March 24. Books are available now from Karen Medlin, leader of this study. Contact her at
Participants will read the book outside of class and watch Adam Hamilton’s video segments in class. This study is inspirational, and to many life changing. In the book and DVD, Hamilton draws on insights from history, archaeology, geography, and the Bible. He will take us to the Holy Land and provide a deeper understanding of the most amazing day in history. We visit the sites where those earth-shaking events took place, and we walk where Jesus walked along the road that led to the pain and triumph of the cross.
Faith Followers class on Sunday mornings at 9:50 am in Room 23.