Ministry Survey

What would happen if we gave a Spring Fling and nobody helped?  Clothes strewn on the ground for people to pick through and buy, but no cashiers to take their money to support community services.  No delectable aroma of grilled chicken arising from the field behind the parking lot. A barren CLMC empty of auction items. A quiet Fellowship Hall with no books, no art, and no baked goodies. Sad.
What would happen if we planned worship and nobody helped? No chairs set out, no one to welcome members and guests, one musician, one minister.  No bread, no juice. No one to serve Communion. Bulletins stacked in the corner, but no events listed on the inside. No one to collect God’s tithes and our offerings. No coffee before the service. Pitiful and a little frightening (no coffee?).
Obviously, that is not how we do things at St. James. Hundreds of members are involved in a huge variety of ministries that can be organized within four general categories: Missional & Invitational—those ministries involved in local and international mission work and ministries that provide hospitality, welcoming, and outreach to college campuses and the community; Formation—ministries that include educational programs and groups that support teams for worship, as well as men’s and women’s ministries; Incorporation—those ministries that are involved in congregational care by supporting members of the St. James community in times of need, illness, loss, or grief; Equipping—those ministries that enable all of the ministries of the church to operate by providing administrative, financial, and human resources support.
Despite the wonderful involvement in all of those areas, some of our ministries suffer from lack of participation or leadership. Others have leaders who feel called to move to another ministry. Please help us help you find places and ways to serve.
First, complete a short survey by clicking the button below (or on paper version at the information desks) over the next two weeks that will help St. James in two ways: a) identify potential participants and leaders of ministries at St. James; b) fill specific openings in ministry leadership and participation. Second, please respond when called to serve!