Johnathon Spell

Spell-J-picWelcome back Johnathon Spell, our own home-town Rose High tenor. Last year, he sang in the Asbury Choir and this year is with the Chancel Choir and handbells; we are delighted. In addition, Johnathon was the only male in ECU’s Color guard last year. He will graduate in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Performance with a post-graduation plan that includes education through a doctoral degree. This will be preparation for his eventual goal of being a professional world-wide performer, followed by private teaching in a distinguished musical conservatory/university. He loves being able to produce a composer’s work with his gift, and he says there’s no better feeling than performing.

Johnathon began his musical journey with voice lessons from Peggy Vaughn; he was in Greenville Choral Society for 3 years, continuously participated in middle school and high school choirs, and performed in numerous other choral events and solo festivals. Noteworthy is Johnathon’s cumulative 4.2 GPA, while being a part of these many different ensembles and societies.

This year, he will be performing as a member of the esteemed ECU Chamber Singers, in the cast of the ECU Fall Opera, and with the Greenville Choral Society Concert Choir. Johnathon selected ECU because I wanted to go to a prestigious school that felt like home and what better thing than to attend a school that was in my home town? I was raised right here in Greenville and there’s honestly no other place I would rather had been raised. I love this city, not too big, but big enough.” Johnathon says that his current home is Fletcher Music Hall!!

The most influential person in his life is his grandfather, former fire chief, Roy Spell. He went from having nothing to having everything he ever wanted. He survived discrimination and the Jim Crow Laws. He’s a well-known and reputable person and man of God. If I can grow to be half the man he is, I’ll be more than satisfied.

Johnathon’s favorite song is Set Me as a Seal by Rene Clausen, and his favorite contemporary musician is Beyoncé! He was happy to renew his commitment to St James; I love the environment. I thoroughly enjoy working at this amazing church.   Thank you all for being so pleasant and welcoming. Also, thank you for the unexpected gifts through the year. I know you don’t have to, but you do it anyway. I am forever grateful! And Johnathon, we are grateful for you!