Jenna Kuchar

St James is delighted to welcome, Jenna Kuchar, our new choral scholar soprano who hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She is definitely in uncharted water here, and we are honored to enfold her into our family!   Jenna believes that music connects her more closely to the God she adores, and she will be worshipping with us during both worship services,  ringing hand bells, and can play piano;  we will all be uplifted by her gifts! 

Jenna will study at ECU for two years while earning a MM in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy. Following graduation in 2018, she plans to audition for young artists programs and eventually pursue a doctorate in teaching.  Her greatest hope is to successfully communicate celestial love through music, so that music can bring us all closer to world peace.

Jenna fell in love with music as a fifth grader who began singing and realized that music is the universal language that will transcend words and unite us together as global citizens.  Jenna began serious consideration of a professional music career while in high school.  During that time, she was cast in musical theater, jazz performances, and opera.  Following high school, Jenna attended Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance.  It proved to be a wonderful experience that she loved.

During a 2015 summer opera intensive in Italy, Jenna studied with Dr. Rachel Copeland, then head of the ECU Voice Department, who recruited Jenna for ECU and also encouraged her to join our worship community at St James.  Once Jenna visited Greenville, she knew it was the place for her to develop and learn.  She chose ECU because of the “incredible voice faculty” and St James from personal recommendation.  As she settles in at ECU, she intends to become active in additional community and collegiate choral offerings.

Jenna loves the Southwest, where she was raised, because it is culturally diverse and a very accepting place that provides a supportive environment for student artists. We pray she develops the same love for our Southeast!  She is very far from her family/support group, yet thanks us for already welcoming her with open arms.  At St James, we shall endeavor to fill that void in your life, Jenna.