Environmental Stewardship Action Group


Main Goals

As stewards of the earth we are called to be careful in the use of our resources. The Environmental Stewardship Action Group (ESAG) encourages sustainable practices. Many environmentally sustainable actions also reduce costs. You can help by reducing water use, energy use, and landfill waste.


Interested in Learning More about ESAG?

Please contact Deb Culbertson:

ESAG usually meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 2-3 pm in the Church Parlor.



Dishwasher Use

ESAG encourages use of the industrial dishwashers and sets of plates and silverware in the CLMC kitchen and Fellowship Hall kitchen. Using the dishwashers and reusable dishes and utensils prevents the waste created by “throw-away” plates and utensils that go to the landfill. You can help reduce waste by using the dishwashers, plates, and utensils during church events.

Directions are posted on the two industrial dishwashers. Directions are also posted here:


“Please Turn Off the Lights” Signs

Signs have been placed in approved church rooms near light switches that read “Please Turn Off the Lights”. Please reduce energy use by remembering to turn the lights off in church rooms when they are unoccupied or not in use.


St. James Reusable Bags

ESAG has reusable grocery bags that advertise St. James’ commitment to sustainability. Many of these bags have been donated to St. James mission trips. If you would like to purchase reusable bags from ESAG, contact Deb Culbertson at culbertsond@ecu.edu.


Spring Fling Recycling

ESAG promotes recycling at Spring Fling by bringing the “Green’rville Recycling Trailer” from the City of Greenville during the week of Spring Fling.  ESAG members set out trash and recycling collection bins and oversee trash and recycling collection on the day of Spring Fling. Please help by putting your waste in the correct bins at Spring Fling.


America Recycles Day EventARD-Logo(CMYK)REVISE

This past year (2014) ESAG collaborated with the City of Greenville to host an event for America Recycles Day. The event was aimed at community members of all ages.


Water Use

Reducing your everyday water use, at St. James and at home, is easy! Some tips for reducing water use are available here: “Reducing Water Use Tips”



Reducing consumption and reusing materials is the best way to reduce waste production. Reducing and reusing also cuts down on the energy and resources that are needed to produce those materials. Help reduce waste by using our industrial dishwashers (details above).

Recycling is a great way to prevent useful resources from ending up in our landfills. Recycling bins for metals, plastics, and glass (Megabins) and plastic tubs for paper collection can be found inside the church. A large recycling dumpster for cardboard can be found near the trash dumpsters behind the CLMC. Click here to find an overview of waste collection practices at St. James. Recycling is offered as a free service for households within Greenville city limits and can be obtained for a small monthly fee outside of the city limits.


Electricity Use

At St. James UMC we encourage you to turn out lights when not in use.  At home, you can save electricity and costs.  One great resource is the free online energy audit available at:



Recycle Why You Shop

Did you know that many of the shops you use offer recycling bins for items not picked up curbside?  Recycle while you shop!  Click here for more information.




The Environmental Stewardship Action Group is offering the St. James UMC Re-useable bags.

If you would like to purchase reusable bags from ESAG, contact Deb Culbertson at culbertsond@ecu.edu.