Domestic Abuse Workshop

A Domestic Abuse Workshop will be held Sunday, October 6, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of St. James United Methodist Church.
With one out of four women in the United States experiencing severe intimate partner physical violence, this presentation is applicable to:
  • Family members or friends of domestic violence victims
  • Small group leaders and staff of St. James United Methodist Church
  • Domestic violence victims
Sue Parisher will present the workshop. Sue is a domestic violence survivor, and eleven years into her recovery from a 21-year marriage filled with emotional, sexual, and physical abuse.
Sue’s heart is to share the tools she learned during her transformation from victim to survivor with other women recovering from domestic abuse in hopes of bringing them to find their faith as the cornerstone of their recovery. During her discussion, she will be sharing how the lies of her abuser impacted her ability to hear God’s grace and held her in bondage for years after she was safely removed from her abuser.
The workshop is free. For more information, contact Joyce Day at 752-6154 or