Christmas Luminaries

Light a Luminary to Honor a Loved One and to Welcome Jesus Into Our Hearts at Christmas.
Every Advent we prepare for the Coming of Jesus, Our Savior, the Light of the World, at Christmas. This year, St. James is offering an opportunity for members to participate in the luminary tradition—a practice of illuminating a path for the Christ Child to come into our lives at Christmas.  Click “more” to find out how you can be a part of it.
The custom is part of many cultures. Cajuns in Louisiana light bonfires along the Mississippi River to light the way for Mary and Joseph and for Papa Noel, the Acadian Santa Claus. Spanish settlers in North America lit farolitas, little lanterns, to help Mary and Joseph find lodging on Christmas Eve. The tradition is also connected to Hannukah, the Jewish festival of light, celebrated with a multi-branched candelabra. Europeans use luminaries during Epiphany to light a path for the wise men carrying gifts for the Christ Child.
You can be a part of this tradition and help fill the grounds and walkways around St. James with light during Christmas Eve by buying a luminary for $10.00. Through that purchase, you also will assist in enhancing the beauty of the Sanctuary altar all year round. Money raised in selling luminaries will help offset the costs of providing flowers for our altars.
Purchases can be made in honor or in memory of loved one. The luminaries will be battery operated and reusable, so there will be no need to fill bags with sand and light candles. You will not have to pick them up or place them. Your purchase will be like a sponsorship, enabling St. James to illuminate the campus and decorate the Sanctuary. We are promoting the sale now, well in advance of Advent, to order the luminaries and have them in place in time for Christmas. Please place your order by October 31, 2019.
To purchase a luminary, please call or email Tommy Shaw at the church office (752-6154;
Light the way for the Christ Child!