Children’s Community Garden

The Children’s Ministry Team is pleased to announce that we have a new, children’s community garden behind the church along 8th Street next to the Scout Hut. The four beds and two benches were built by member Pierce Harner as part of his Eagle Scout Project.  It is our hope that these gardens will produce vegetables which we can donate to our own church food pantry. If anyone is interested in helping maintain these gardens, please contact Sara Chriscoe:

Children from the St. James Afterschool Program helped plant the garden last week. We planted tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, and watermelon.

Children will have the opportunity throughout the summer to help work in and maintain the garden! We are crossing our fingers that the heat subsides soon so that the plants can get established. Hopefully, these vegetables will be ready to contribute to the weekly food pantry before the end of the summer!