Bridge Builder’s Small Group Study/Discussion Spring 2018 — “Why?”

When bad things happen, we want to know why. Why did it happen? Why did it happen to me? And perhaps the hardest question of all, if there really is a God who loves me, why did God let this happen?

When we lift our prayers to God, and no answer seems to come; when we earnestly seek to know the will of God for our lives, yet can’t seem to discern it; when God seems far away; where is God? If God counts the hairs on our head, and knows every sparrow that falls, why is finding and understanding God’s will so difficult at times?

Whether it is a major tragedy or the accumulation of the everyday struggles of life, we may end up struggling with our faith, becoming angry with God, or giving up on the idea of God completely.

Dealing with the “Why” questions isn’t easy. 
Join us for this 4-week study/discussion using Rev. Adam Hamilton’s book and small group study series “
Why? Making Sense of God’s Will”.


When: Wednesdays, May 23—June 13, 6:15-7:30 p.m.         
    For general information, please call Jim Hix at 756-2970 or email

Week 1: Why Do the Innocent Suffer?
Week 2: Why Do My Prayers Go Unanswered?
Week 3: Why Can’t I See God’s Will for My Life?
Week 4: Why God’s Will Prevails.