Amanda Whitmore

WhitmoreAm-picAmanda Whitmore is the individual farthest away from her home in Seattle Washington, but has been at home with us in SJUMC for five semesters.   Amanda became interested in ECU after a seminar in Italy where she worked with Dr. Rachel Copeland, her current vocal teacher; she came to St. James after being directed by our Dr. Ward. She plans to graduate in Spring of 2016 with a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance with a possible minor in Music Therapy or French.    After graduation here, Amanda will pursue her Masters and Doctoral degrees in pedagogy or performance. Her goals are to sing professionally and to teach voice and diction as faculty of a medium-sized university.

Amanda was born in Kansas, but because her father’s job was mobile, she spent a year in southern California, and most of her youth in Seattle. She loves the Seattle area, with its mild temperature and just the right touch of snow! Fortunately, there were also many opportunities for music. Her parents provided piano lessons for Amanda and her sister, and she began voice lessons at the age of twelve. She loves how music is an outlet for emotions and can express things words cannot. When she was thirteen, Amanda performed in the Seattle Opera production of La Boehm which solidified her desire to make a living in musical performance. She was also selected for Interlochen Arts Academy for Voice and was in several scenes programs there.

Amanda’s musical preferences range from the classical Marriage of Figero, La Boheme and the Brahams Requiem, to the older music of Billy Joel, John Denver, and Frank Sinatra. She recommends a local Seattle artist, Brandi Carlile, who plays a mix of country and soft rock with a deep emotional connection, and who makes an effort to positively affect the world around her.

Her greatest hope is to be able to do what she loves, and help others discover this passion as well. Realizing that the road for a musician is never easy, she hopes it works out well.

This year, Amanda is singing in the ECU women’s choir, and there are several concerts throughout the semester and year. Her Junior recital will be later this spring. More information on these as the time grows closer!

Amanda loves working at St. James. She says the congregation is so friendly and supportive, and she is proud to be a part of our family. We are certainly proud of her, too, and are glad to have her as a part of us here as SJUMC!