St. James: Sports and Outdoors Ministry

Ministry can take many forms.  One form of ministry that in recent years has fallen by the wayside is about to be restored at St. James: Sports and Outdoors Ministry. How can that qualify as ministry?  The United Methodist Church defines ministry as an expression of the mission of Christ by Christians who are demonstrating a common life of gratitude and devotion, witness and service, celebration and discipleship.  Christians are called to minister wherever Christ would have them serve and witness in deeds and words that heal and free.  Sports and participation in outdoor activities can definitely call us to serve and witness. How we act and how we speak can offer deeds and words that do indeed heal and free others. What could that look like?

  • An adult co-ed softball team competing in a church league
  • Teaching and coaching neighboring children in a variety of sports
  • Volleyball games regularly scheduled in the back field
  • Canoe or Kayaking trips
  • Wildlife tours
  • Short (and long) hikes
  • Fishing trips
  • Hunting trips
  • Pickleball
  • Cornhole tournaments
  • MORE . . .
As we begin to develop this ministry, an immediate response could be the organization of adult softball teams.  Winterville Parks and Recreation has opened registration for Adult Slow Pitch Softball. Registration for the Church Division is available for men’s, women’s, and co-ed teams. Games will be played at Winterville Recreation Park behind A. G. Cox Middle School, 332 Sylvania Street in Winterville.
If you feel a tug to be involved in this ministry as a participant or leader, please be in touch with Chris Garcia at If you are interested in being a part of a co-ed St. James team, please be in touch with Chris.  Team entry fees are due by the end of the month, so act quickly.