Happy 150th Birthday UMW!

Can you believe it?  More than 800,000 United Methodist Women are celebrating their 150th birthday this year.  Only 8 women in Boston, MA on Mar. 23, 1869 actually gave birth to the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society when they took action. They saw a dramatic need for health care and educational opportunities for women in India and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Wouldn’t they be surprised at how we’ve grown?
Won’t YOU please come and help us celebrate? There are 5 circles to choose from, all meeting at various times to appeal to varying schedules. This past year we welcomed 9 new members. We’d love to welcome you! Maybe we can aim for 150 new members!
For information please call or email:  Judy Neufer 570-437-9046 / judith.neufer@gmail.com